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Terror in Tunis! The Tribulations of Terrified Tourists!

So Tunisia only makes the news when it affects British holiday plans?

Today’s headlines:

Britons tell of Tunisia Rioting (BBC)

Tunisia: Tourists tells of Chaotic Scene (Telegraph)

Shocked Hol Brits flee bloodbath (The Sun)

and my personal favourite: Holiday Britons’ war zone terror: 3,000 tourists trapped as Tunisia teeters on the brink of civil war (Daily Mail)

Nevermind the fact that an autocratic stalwart of the Maghreb (that lived for decades without any serious criticism from the global north) has fled the country. Only the Guardian and the FT has managed to keep a decent coverage of the actual ousting and the underlying tensions regarding the way forward for Tunisia… although even the Guardain can’t resist bringing Wikileaks into the mix…

(hat tip to Javad Langeroudi)